January 30, 2010

The Year in Tweets: Movies

Notorious: Hot raps, lukewarm film. Violence = bad = unearned epiphany. Biggie's music was more cinematic.

Taken: Preposterous, violent, not my kind of movie. Possibly rad if you like that kind of thing. Moral: Don't fuck with Liam. Kapow!

He's Just Not...: Not that inspired, but not that terrible. I'm just not the target audience. I left w/ a crush on Ginnifer G.

Watchmen: Whizbang porn for fan boys. Yes! Worse than the book, but duh. Still awesome.

I Love You Man: Dude, don't think, just go & laugh. I love you, Paul Rudd. I love you, Rush cameo.

Adventureland: Sweet, amusing, nostalgic, touching. A Michael Cera movie w/out Michael Cera. 80s pop songs steal the show.

Sunshine Cleaning: Not just quirky for quirky's sake. Gore-free scenes are hardest hitting. Amy Adams inspires a song!

Observe & Report: Laughs that catch in your throat. (Um, rape?) Humor so dark it's only sometimes humorous.

Informers: Pretty surface, rotten core. LA, the city of fallen angels. No redemption, just like the book. Killing my soul vicariously.

State of Play: Fat R. Crowe & cute R. McAdams fight the power & eulogize papers. Good-for-u thriller is thrilling but forgettable.

17 Again: I maybe saw this. It maybe warmed the heart of this 30-yr-old cynic. I don't hate Zac for being young; in fact, I maybe like him.

Being Bucky: Lightweight doc about being a mascot. No real story arc, but so what? It's fun.

Soloist: Yet another film about the power of music (w/ Foxx bringing the crazy). Somewhat predictable, but not completely powerless.

Star Trek: Flashy fun for this nonfan. Gateway to geekery. Glad I saw it.

Sugar: Not in the same ballpark as a common baseball flick. Not even in the same league. The players and story are realer, more poignant.

Up: Sepia section is saddest thing ever. Everything else is vibrant, breezy. Rises above most other cartoons, even other films.

Pixar: It's more like a great director than a studio. It's never let me down.

Angels & Demons: Bigger bombs, faster chases, slightly less over-explanatory blah-blah. In other words, better than Da Vinci, thank God.

The Hangover: Hilarious. (No need for more characters.)

Year One: So glad I didn't pay $ for this. Failed to meet even my lowest expectations. Jumbled plot + stilted acting + lame gags = comedy?

Public Enemies: Depp, Bale, fedoras, jazz... bullets whiz & rattattat... edge of seat & armrest grip... So why muck it up w/ lukewarm love?

500 Days of Summer: There's never been a movie more targeted to me. Zooey's adorable, Joe's all mopey, mixtapes R made, hearts R broken.

Away We Go: Targeted to me in 3-5 years. Subtle script, acting, cinematography. An intimate look at intimacy en route.

Whatever Works: Not this film. Woody hates ppl, characters, audience. Misanthropy trumps the few funny moments.

HP6: Grownup actors snog like kids. Funniest Potter film possibly, pal. Fans will luv it, nonfans might not. I'm a fan, so yes.

Bruno: Outrageous. But not as much as he thinks. See it for the wrestling, the velcro & the penis.

Beth Cooper: One crazy night w/ luvable Hayden! Another teen movie? LOL! Somewhat cliche & worse than book, but fun for any age.

Just finished The Lovely Bones. Lovely! Up next, The Road. Prepping to argue books v. movies.

Julie & Julia: Light & tasty dessert of a film. Makes me wanna blog like it's 2002.

Bandslam: Indie-ish film w/ 2 Disney princesses. Tonal problems, but fun nonetheless, w/ least believable Bowie plug ever.

Inglourious Basterds: Best film of '09 so far. At least 3rd best of Quentin's career. Glourious splatter, intrigue & revenge.

District 9: Alien ghetto = xenophobic metaphor. Thrilling, thought-provoking & strangely close to home.

Hurt Locker: Vicarious hurt. It's like you're at war. No agenda, just soldiers' grit.

Extract: Less than Office Space, more than other comedies. Absurd, realistic, LOL funny.

Ponyo: Slower & stranger than American toons. Beautiful images, fairytale sweetness, dreamy dreams of H20. Little Mermaid sans song, dance.

Jennifer's Body: Horror, humor & feminist subtext, not as profound as Hole song of title. But Megan is foxy, film is fun, esp. to analyze.

Bright Star: Costume drama more costume than drama. But pastel pastorale is pretty as a painting.

The Informant!: Best voiceover since Adaptation! Best ! since Oil! Funny thriller invents new genre! Fat Matt Damon: check!

Zombieland: Awesome! Totally awesome!!

Invention of Lying: & religion & advertising & relationships. Funny moments, truths abound, but film more honest discussing than watching.

Whip It: Best roller derby movie ever. 4-wheel fun for women (& men).

WTWTA: Still processing 3 days later. Emo, existential, scary, beautiful. Joy & rage, a journey home. Monsters wow, death talk frightens.

Capitalism: A Love Story: Michael Moore repeats himself.

A Serious Man: Coens get serious, grapple w/ God, reward the faith of serious film fans. See if you like the Coens, or film. O the ending!

Chariots of Fire: I luv running, I luv films. This running film? I hated it. Beautifully shot but pulls up lame. 2 much slo-mo. Much 2 slow.

The Box: Fascinating quandary ruined by Martians. & alternate worlds. & time travel. Or something. Spooky mood wins. Ur mind'll b blown.

Men Who Stare @ Goats: Intelligent romp re: US intelligence. If goats were harmed in making of film, goats didn't die in vain.

An Education: An education in storytelling (Nick Hornby) & acting (lovely Carey Mulligan). Young exuberance turns to wisdom. Entertaining.

Fantastic Mr Fox: Breezy! Handcrafted w/ care. Makes u wanna touch the screen, if not climb in & play. First fun W. Anderson pic. Fantastic!

This Is It: The king of behind-the-scenes concert docs. Loved last chance to watch Him dance.

Blind Side: Hollywood sentiment choked me up. Must b getting sappy in my old age. Family film my whole fam enjoyed.

Precious: Bleak, bleaker, bleakest. Ur bleeding heart will break. Intense, unforgettable, gritty, real. Is happy ending possible?

Amadeus: Mozart's passion, Salieri's obsession, both ring true today. Almost as timeless as soundtrk.

Avatar: Dances w/ Blacklight Poster. Borrowed plot, hack dialog but stunning, immersive, fluorescent visuals.

Me & Orson Welles: The guy who plays Welles steals each scene, but boyish Efron holds his own. Sometimes pretty boys grow up to be actors.

Brothers: Natalie, Jake, Tobey love, mourn, go crazy. Trailer almost ruined it by giving away best scenes; other scenes are less intense.

Nine: Chicago dir. luvs him some fishnets. D. Day-Lewis luvs him some ladies, who luv him back in song. Sexy, stylish, but way disjointed.

It Happened 1 Night: Delightful dialog. Charming leads. Madcap but believable romance. Deserving Best Pic.

It Might Get Loud: It sure did. I could watch Page, White & Edge talk guitar for days.

Anvil: Not just real-life Spinal Tap. Music to discover. Characters to care about. Must see!

Up in the Air: Clooney radiates. His ladies glow. Script is breezy & cool (& warm). Oscar buzz is well deserved.

Road: Viggo carries the fire w/ grace. The boy's a revelation. Their glances say what words cannot. Loyal adaptation. Powerful film.

Dr. Parnassus: Imaginative, dreamy, completely original. Different Ledgers don't confuse. Ending is jumbled, but vision remains.

500 Days of Summer: 2nd viewing (of many, I'm sure): Wrenches my heart & makes me laugh. Kinda like my life itself.

Lovely Bones: Book 2 film, Sebold 2 Jackson, pretty prose 2 eye-popping images. Heavenly. Dreamy. Lovely. Critics r wrong to dismiss it.

Princess & Frog: Disney returns to classic animation. Likeable characters, tunes, moral. Kids in audience laughed & gasped. So did this kid.

Sherlock Holmes: Stylish, hip, action-packed. Downey & Law make dashing duo. Would've preferred more deduction, less brawling.

Paper Heart: Twee, cutesy, a bit too much. Likeable enough, but not quite loveable.