October 25, 2007

Mixtape Time!

I may have purchased my last new CD of 2007 today: We Are The Pipettes, the debut album of the British girl group the Pipettes that I've seriously been hearing tracks from since 2006. Seriously. At least they added a couple of tracks for this belated American version.

So why's it my last album of the year? I realized today, as I started planning the tracklist(s) for my now annual year-end mixtape(s) -- when I was supposed to be proofreading descriptions of all the latest High School Musical pajama sets at work -- that I'm still struggling to digest all the music I discovered this year. I just kept buying and buying and listening and listening... So now's as good a time as any to get to know some of those albums a bit more intimately. Take 'em out to dinner or something.

Plus, according to Rolling Stone's preview of upcoming albums, there's absolutely nothing coming out for the rest of the year that I want to purchase. So I'm done. Mixtape time!

While I don't have any statistics in front of me, and while I don't even keep such statistics, I'm pretty sure I bought more CDs this year than I ever did before. Further, I feel like I'm simply into music more now than I ever was before, with the ever expanding amount of shows I attend, the artists I absolutely love, and the words I'm still able to spill on the subject whenever I find the time. There are so many musicians out there writing and playing songs for me that I almost feel religious about it. Like, if there really is a God, the music He's giving me is the proof that He exists. (My boy Kurt Vonnegut said something similar but much more profound.)

So, instead of talking about it all, here's my tentative top 5 albums list of 2007: the Once soundtrack, Rufus Wainwright, Rilo Kiley, Tori Amos, and... Brandi Carlile? Arcade Fire? Common? Shit, it's too early. I can't do it yet. I'm pretty sure nothing will top Once, though, as either a movie or a film, at least in their total impact on my life. Definitely watch for it on DVD.

And, as I might have mentioned, briefly, to some of you a couple months ago, the Rufus Wainwright show I saw might have been the best show ever. I wanted to write a review of it, but I feared I couldn't do it justice, so here's a string of words and phrases just for you, without any punctuation: filmed by the guy who filmed Gimme Shelter and several hours long with all the new songs and most of the hits and several awesome do-overs and costume changes and a Judy Garland tribute with voice and piano in almost perfect form and opera and jokes and totally utterly gay gay gay.

Hey, are any of you into Rilo Kiley at all? Their new album was pretty much targeted directly to me. The band was all, "Hi. You might know us from that one girl at work's music collection. You know, the one band of hers that you actually like and you don't have to lie about liking? That one. Anyway, we're on a major label now, and we're pretty much going to sell out by blending all of our rock, country, and pop influences into one poppy mixtape, with a little bit of rock, and a whole lot less country, and we're gonna make every track sound like a single. Love, Rilo Kiley."